3 & 4 APR 2024

Singapore Expo

Alberto Bertocco: Speaking at the Disasters Expo Asia

Alberto Bertocco

CAE S.p.A.

Multi-Hazard Monitoring and Early Warning Systems: Technologies and Good Practices

In a time of climate change and growing populations, risks related to natural hazards are at an all-time high. Natural disasters are striking harder and more frequently than ever before.

To increase human preparedness against environmental hazards, our industry is facing the challenge of supporting the evolution of traditional monitoring systems into Early Warning Systems able to integrate risk information from different sources and across multiple type of hazards. This requires several modifications in technology and in the approach to system design and operation, as outlined by the WMO ever since the 2006 Symposium dedicated to Multi-Hazard Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for Integrated Risk Management.

The presentation will highlight available technology to support the transition along with project criteria and operational approach to ensure sustained system reliability over time and under critical conditions. It will also stress the importance system openness and interoperability for Early Warning purposes.

Finally, it will make important considerations on the financing aspects of Early Warning Systems projects and how those should necessarily shift to a medium to long term focus.

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