3 & 4 APR 2024

Singapore Expo

International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO)

The International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO) is an intergovernmental organization whose objective is to contribute to the development by States of structures ensuring the protection and assistance of populations and safe-guarding property and the environment in the face of natural and man-made disasters. These structures are generally known as civil protection, civil defence, civil safety and are all concerned with the management of emergency situations. ICDO federates the national structures established by States for this purpose with the aim of favouring cooperation and mutual solidarity between them.

ICDO counts 60 member States, 16 observers and 23 affiliated members.

ICDO’s action is based on the triad Capacity building-Technical and Humanitarian Assistance-International Cooperation. In order to increase public awareness at the national level, ICDO recommends that countries organise activities such as the current exhibition and summit, to promote and disseminate knowledge about the role of civil defence in modern society.

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